Local Foods with Local Provenance

It is quite incredible when we stop and think about where the food on our plate comes from and fantastic that we can create whole meals out of foods that are grown, created or gathered within a short radius of Brinsop. Just for fun we’ve fantasised about a day of feasting and tomorrow we’ll fast! And to keep us from being completely stuffed, we thought we’d make it alcohol free.


Let’s just start with a glass of apple juice from a lovely local producer of single variety apple juices. We’ve got a lot to get through today so a small piece of toast spread with a local jam will be the perfect accompaniment. Both the bread and jam can be picked up from the WI market in Leominster on a Friday or the farmer’s market in Hereford on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Early luncheon

Given we need to squeeze in afternoon tea and dinner, lunch will be an early one and in our fantasy fun lunch we are going for a picnic somewhere on the estate, perhaps a walk up Merry Hill will build up a bit of an appetite or a meander down to Harlands Pool. But before we pack up the picnic basket we will make a scrummy nut roast which can be cooled and sliced. The recipe comes from Wil’s Smoke House and we will use their locally smoked seeds and nuts to create our masterpiece.

It is always nice to have something sweet to finish but if we do go for a picnic it needs to be easy and light to transport and my choice for afters is a bar or two of chocolate – my current favourite being Sue Gilmore’s peppermint and white chocolate!

After lunch, we’ll nip over to Court Farm and pick our own seasonal veg to go with dinner tonight!

Afternoon tea

Back at base, this would be simply tea blended by Claire with biscuits from Franks.

Dinner at 8.30

For the main event, we will start with pre-dinner nibbles. Tyrells have a huge range of potato crisps and nibbles, but today we are going for a selection from their swanky veg range which includes taro, golden beetroot, purple carrot and parsnip crisps as well as their orange sweet potato, golden beetroot, carrot and parsnip crisps! Do have a look at their website as each of their flavours has its own quirky story.

For our starter we fancy a selection of posh scotch eggs from a local producer not far from Brinsop. Although scotch eggs might not be an obvious starter, we can’t get enough of these handmade ones which bear absolutely no resemblance to the ones you can buy in the supermarkets.

venison dinnerThe main has to be venison bought from the master butcher in Hereford or the butcher in Leominster’s High Street. There is a fabulous recipe for Pontack with Venison on Forage Fine Foods website and although it needed to be started off yesterday, in fantasy world we did that! All the vegetables will be seasonal and remember we picked our own at Court Farm.

We’d like something light to finish and strawberries and ice cream or just ice cream is always a winner in my book. There are lots of local ice cream producers and you can’t really go wrong with any of them, but tonight we will go for a selection from Rowlestone Court in Pontrilas.

And right at the end, it has to be a sumptuous cheese board from the Monkland Cheese dairy, just north of Brinsop. My favourites are Little Hereford and Monkland.

Oh and throughout our meal, we were drinking cordials and ‘juice with attitude’ from Pixley Berries.

All these and much more can be found within striking distance of Brinsop, so when you come and stay let us know if you need help with tracking them down!


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