Anytime, anywhere working allows teams the freedom to hold meetings and to work outside the office in stimulating environments! And that’s where Brinsop Court comes in.

Having the technology to enjoy that freedom is over 40 years old now and a generation of people are able to work away from an office on a day to day basis. Whilst they miss out on daily physical contact with their co-workers when they do come together for a meeting either on or off site it becomes precious time to reconnect and forge stronger working relationships.

In the ‘old’ days, workers could build relationships outside of their working hours by going down to the pub after work which happens less now for all sorts of reasons but the building of relationships by spending leisure time together is even more critical to understanding how co-workers tick.

I recently read an article by Anna Hart, who writes for Elle, Grazia, GQ, The Guardian, The Wall St Journal & The Telegraph and is a contributing Editor (Travel) at Stylist. Her twitter name is @AnnaDotHart and she recently published an article about Digital Nomads which is very interesting.

We are not suggesting you rush off to work in Bali or any other exotic place, but we are suggesting you and your co-workers pack your bags and head to Brinsop Court manor house for exclusive use and four days of working together in different surroundings.

For less than £50 a head per night each, 22 of you can share the Library space setting up your laptops or working on your tablets side by side. You can do the same thing in the Queen Anne room too. There are numerous places throughout the manor house for break outs and mini-meetings. If all 22 of you want to hold a meeting, then there are at least three of our function rooms that have plenty of space. Full details of sizes and seating plans are available at this link.

To keep costs down you could self-cater or Ali would be delighted to arrange catering for you.

And at down tools time, you can head to the games room for snooker, table tennis and darts. Or if the hot tub is your thing, it will be heated and ready for you after work. We have a pub just down the road which has an excellent menu or you can phone for a Chinese or Indian takeaway.

We guarantee you will have a productive time as the creative juices often flow better when you are out of the ordinary! Come and see for yourselves soon.

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