Madeline Carroll, one of Brinsop’s celebrity occupants was apparently the highest paid actress in 1938 and at the peak of her success she was earning a staggering for the time, $250,000 in one year!  According to Fox Studios she was also the most beautiful woman in the world and made a total of thirty six film – quite a claim to fame.

The 39 Steps was the most famous film she was known for and we do have copies here at Brinsop. We also have six other Madeleine Carroll films which can be borrowed by any of our self catering guests who want to watch her in action!

Our current Madeleine Carroll library consists of:

North West Mounted Police starred Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll and Paulette Goddard and was a Cecil B DeMille film. Just right for a damp and dark Sunday afternoon’s viewing, the notes on the back of this epic film’s cover states it has 10 great stars, 2 glorious love stories and 1,000 unforgettable thrills.  Mind you, I wouldn’t necessarily trust what it says on the box!

Blockade is an interesting film because it was all shot in California although it is about the Spanish Civil War and everyone talks in a broad American accent!  Henry Fonda shares the billing with Madeleine Carroll (with her name first). With its focus on the civil war (1936 – 1939), the film bravely tackled a subject that most of Hollywood had refused to touch and, between the lines, dared to challenge the public to confront the growing Nazi threat.  It won Oscar nominations for best writing and best score!

Secret Agent was directed by Alfred Hitchcock and included John Gielgud in the cast list, although Madeleine had a higher billing that Mr G.  Gielgud plays a novelist who has his death faked by British Intelligence. Giving him a new identity, they persuade him to undertake an espionage commission in Switzerland accompanied by Elsa Carrington played by Madeleine Carroll posing as his wife. Murder, intrigue and a pursuit through the Swiss Alps will pass an entertaining hour or so in the games room in Bailey.

Sometimes the weather forces us inside and on those occasions, perhaps a Madeleine Carroll musical could entertain. According to the box notes, On the Avenue is a bubbly and saucy musical comedy that features a top notch collection of Irving Berlin songs including ‘I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm’ and ‘Slumming on Park Avenue”!

Or you could try The Case Against Mrs Ames, but really you’d have to be a lover of terrible old movies to sit through this one and Lloyds of London is apparently an atrocious film, but not the worst!  It is available to borrow if you can bear it. We did have Bali Honeymoon, but one of the guests borrowed it and sadly we haven’t seen it again!

Each of the Brinsop houses has a DVD player, so if the weather is bad, sit down with bowls of popcorn and glasses of champagne and indulge in an hour or two of pure escapism!  Sounds good doesn’t it…. come and see for yourself!

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