We have yet to have a bride who wants a medieval themed wedding, but just for fun we’ve had a think about what might be included!  We do have the perfect medieval wedding venue, so here’s hoping!

Of course like any themed wedding or event, you can go full on with everyone in costume and every tiny detail adhering to the theme or you can just pick and choose the bits that you fancy including for your own special day.

With Brinsop’s own Banqueting Hall looking so very medieval without doing anything to it at all, it is easy to get the imaginative juices flowing and the hardest bit is to track down appropriate suppliers!

There is a company that will put on the whole shebang for you and by Googling medieval themed weddings, they can be tracked down.

Or if you prefer to have a more DIY approach, the wedding breakfast based on a traditional medieval banquet could be a spit roast with medieval ales and fruit wines. We’d use our shields as place mats on the long banqueting table with lots of candles and the log fire in full flow to add to the atmosphere. We do have a list of caterers that we can recommend and at least one of them can provide a full hog roast experience outside on the lawn.

Entertainment is likely to include falconry displays and archery tournaments. There is a Gloucestershire based organisation that advertises that they do falcony displays at weddings and parties and an organisation in the Wye Valley that could bring their archery equipment here.

A quick Google search found five medieval musicians for hire in Herefordshire!  The five are actually based in London, Norfolk, Worcestershire and Leeds but all claim to travel all over the UK.

If you and your guests want to dress up in the full regalia, a good place to start would be to hire the costumes from the Conquest Theatre in Bromyard, although e-Bay might yield up some good results too.

A gorgeous medieval wedding dress might need to be chosen and there are a whole host of ideas on Alyessa Hollingsworth’s Pinterest board of medieval fantasy costumes.  And Google has come up trumps with a long gallery of stunning medieval wedding dress images.

A local Herefordshire florist, the Great British Florist have the raw ingredients to make wonderful bouquets and arrangements using British flowers just as they would in medieval times.

There is a board on Pinterest with masses of ideas for a medieval themed wedding including toppings for cakes, wedding favours, banners and scrolls, invitations, cake ideas, bouquets, rings, dresses… the list is endless. Even if you are already married or have no intention whatsoever of having a medieval themed wedding, it is lovely to browse the Pinterest board created by Rebecca Ford, or just put medieval into the Pinterest search engine and enjoy!

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