I’ve put together a very personal blog today with a review of my top five favourite places in and around Brinsop Court.  Next summer I will write a review of my top five places on the estate.

In at number five is the courtyard. It is a veritable sun trap in the summer and all year round provides some shelter from the wind.  In the centre are flower and herb beds and there is a ban on noise in there. It is just so peaceful and ancient. I love the outside steps leading up to the banqueting hall and from the centre of the courtyard you can easily see how the house has evolved over time.

Fourth in my list is the view as you drive down the drive on the approach to Tirrells. The glimpse of the house and the promise of luxury is tantalising. The flowering cherry tree in front of Tirrells is just glorious in the spring and the massive oak door at the entrance to Tirrells is solid and reassuring at all times of the year.

My third favourite place at Brinsop is the Queen Ann dining room that is part of Bailey and looks out over the moat. The room is rectangular and the table in the centre seats 22. We sometimes hold our board meetings in there and it can be hard to concentrate when the swans are gliding past. Dressed in all its glory for a dinner party it scrubs up beautifully! Just the sort of room for an occasion, preferably with outside caterers doing all the work!

Choosing what should sit in the fourth spot is hard because it has to be one of the kitchens, but I really can’t choose which one! Bailey of course is wonderful because of the views it has over the moat and Tirrels is fab because if you sit in the little corner by the gothic window it is like going back in time, but perhaps the Dansey kitchen is most favourite because it overlooks the courtyard. They all have my favourite gadg

et in them, if an AGA can really be called a gadget.  I’m, not sure it can, but I am sure you know what I mean!

The library is my all time favourite place and so makes it to the number one spot. The views from the windows are far reaching and the books in the library are a very pleasing and eclectic mixture!  It holds huge promise of the banqueting hall beyond and of all the places in and around the house you can breathe in the history and just imagine Wordsworth in there writing his stuff.  The room is incredibly versatile and I think it is ideal for so many different types of events.  Party celebrations for christenings, weddings, anniversaries and funerals to name just a few!

Give us a call and we will happily show you around. In the meantime, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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