Brinsop is all about quality time with friends and family and giving yourself and each other a treat with a memorable stay here on the estate. There is so much to see and do here but it is not always obvious and that’s how we like it! Just for fun we put together the first half of an A to Z of Brinsop previously and here is the second half of the alphabet.

N is for Night skies and on a clear night the stars over the manor house are a fantastic sight as there is little light pollution here in the heart of rural Herefordshire.

O is for Oval Room, one of the cricket pitch rooms that are available for guests who have additional friends and family and need an extra downstairs double room with en-suite facilities.

P is for Pat, the owner of Brinsop Court manor house and the entire 800 acre estate it sits within. Pat sees herself as the guardian of this beautiful, historic house and looks forward to welcoming new and familiar guests to it.

Q is for Quintessentially English and Queen Anne Dining room – the ambience we have at Brinsop Court and the mood we create is that of an English country house with tennis courts and croquet on the lawn as well as providing the wherewithal for afternoon tea awaiting guests on arrival and gloriously decorated rooms in the English country style.

R is for Rev Francis Kilvert, just one of the exalted previous visitors to Brinsop Court.

S is for Self Catering and whilst we advertise ourselves as luxury self catering we are also really happy to recommend local caterers who can either produce a meal for your special occasion or can be installed for the whole week you are here!

T is for Tirrells which as you know is the name of one of the wings in the manor house.   Tirrells is the middle of the three houses and is the one that the driveway sweeps round in front of.

U is for under floor heating which we have in Dansey, Bailey and Ivy Cottage and it helps make the houses even cosier that they are already with the wood burners doing their thing.

V is for Views and we have lots of them. From the windows in the manor house, particularly upstairs the views are far reaching and interesting and on a clear day looking out of Bailey’s upstairs windows or the Library, you may even see the Skirrid.  Check out the vaulted ceiling in the Banqueting Hall too for another V is for!

W is for Woodlands and Wildlife and whilst the two don’t necessarily mix, they are both really important to us at Brinsop!  The wildlife is our heritage and we are doing all we can to ensure we manage our woodlands so that the conditions are right for the local wildlife. W is for Weddings too – watch this space for more about weddings soon.

X is such a difficult letter. Finding words that start with X and are related to Brinsop are stretching the imagination just too far, so we are going for words that have x within them – exclusive, luxury and  exciting all describe Brinsop Court Manor House beautifully.

Y is for Yoga which for us represents the idea of a place that can be used as a retreat and we think that Brinsop is an absolutely ideal venue for a week of rest and relaxation and maybe even a spot of yoga!

Z is for zzzzzz and the best night’s sleep in enormous beds with gorgeous bed linen and bedroom furnishings.

And that completes our A to Z. There were so many things I had to miss out so I might have another go at it next year!

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