Ann Radnor is the external face of Brinsop and the lady you will meet when you arrive to start your holiday. We caught up with her to find out a bit more about her.

ann radnor in bailey kitchen brinsop courtHow did you get involved with Brinsop Court Estate?

I was originally working for the owners, Pat & Martin as a PA with involvement with another of their businesses. When they purchased Brinsop Court Estate in 2008 and in 2009 started the refurbishment I began the most enjoyable time of my career to date. The first wing of the house we converted to a holiday let was Tirrells House and initially it was all hands on deck ~ one day I was ordering bathroom fitments, the next day blacking lead window lights or nourishing the wooden panels with our own oil and beeswax concoction.

What do you love most about Brinsop?

The tranquillity and soothing powers it exudes and the ever changing pallet of colour and animal activity on the moat and in the woodland.

What does your typical day look like?

No two days are ever the same but I normally start the day responding to emails and dealing with the many individual enquiries we receive. Although the majority of answers can be found on our website and the booking system is all automated we find that the majority of our guests do like that personal touch. If it’s a Friday or Monday then it’s over to Brinsop to say goodbye to guests and ensure any repairs/replacements are carried out whilst the housekeeping crew are busy cleaning and prepping ready for our next arrivals. It is then that I do my favourite job of the week ~ scouring the hedgerows and flower beds around the grounds for flowers and foliage with which to make welcoming floral arrangements for the different houses.

What is the funniest and scariest thing that has happened at Brinsop ? Probably when Martin started sinking up to his armpits in the moat when we were trying to deplete the ever increasing crop of bulrushes and Pat had to throw the nearest thing to her, which was a pallet for him to crawl onto.

What kinds of things do you do to welcome guests and make them feel special?

Firstly we are always there to welcome them and in the winter we make sure lights and central heating are on and fires lit so that they immediately experience the cosiness after a long journey. We always provide a homemade cake, milk, butter, bread, tea & ground coffee so they can have a much needed cuppa and slice of cake and of course we provide flowers and a bowl of fresh fruit.

What ideas have you got about how to market and promote Brinsop that you have yet to put into action?

Probably too many to mention we’re never short of ideas but we are also very mindful of not becoming too commercial – Brinsop is such a special & magical place it speaks for itself once guests arrive they are hooked and come back again and again. To see some photos of all the team, have a look at this album on our facebook page  And come and stay soon!

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