There are hundreds of venues in the UK all proclaiming they are the perfect place for your wedding. Choosing which one will suit you best, when they are all so different and offer a bewildering array of packages and pricing options, is difficult.

First things first

Identify your overall budget. There is no point rushing around your local area looking at venues unless you are clear in your mind what your budget is and where you can save and where you can splash out. There is no doubt that weddings can be arranged on a shoestring or you can spend a fortune! And for every element of a wedding there is a range from a few pounds to several thousand!

Hiring a venue, especially one that gives you exclusive use, will take a chunk of your budget but be aware that venues all price things differently so unless you are super organised and love wielding a spreadsheet it can be tough to get accurate comparisons. You need to compare apples with apples! Or in Brinsop’s case, pears with pears. If you would like a sample spreadsheet to help you with your planning, give us a call – 01432 509925.

How involved do you want to be?

Many venues will offer an all-inclusive type deal where you pay a per head price, make a couple of small decisions and leave the arrangements and organisation to their tried and tested formulas, leaving you little or no say if you want to do things outside of their boundaries. Others provide a backdrop for your wedding and allow you to personalise the venue to suit not only your budget but your dreams and wishes. It is important that you make this decision early in your search for a venue as it will be easier to reduce a long list to a short list before you start the process of being shown around. Sometimes this will be driven by the amount of actual time you have available between getting engaged and getting married.

Identify the ‘must haves’

‘Must haves’ might be particular dates, or availability of on-site accommodation or size of reception and ceremony rooms (a venue that can seat more than 250 for a sit down meal will be very different to one that can seat up to 70).  Be careful you don’t give yourself too many ‘must haves’ as you may cut out the perfect venue because you aren’t willing to be flexible on the date, or number of guests.

The next step is to list the ‘nice to haves’ which might include the geographical area; the type of building (manor house, barn, marquee etc.); the wedding theme – vintage, rustic, formal, traditional and so on.

Visiting the Venue

An important next step is to visit the half a dozen or so that you have identified fit your criteria. Pay close attention to the communication that you have with the venue’s staff from your first phone call to book a visit, though to the visit itself, and the follow up.  How special did they make you feel, how closely did they listen to your needs and wants, how interested were they in your plans? How comfortable were you with them?  If your answers are all positive, then you are well on the way to finding the perfect venue because no matter what the bricks and mortar are like, it’s the people that will make or break your perfect day.

If Brinsop Court manor house fits your ‘must haves’, book a visit and come and see us soon.

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