Most people probably don’t think of Herefordshire as a venue for their conferences and even if they do they might get confused with Hertfordshire! But there is life outside London and we want to share what we think are the pros and cons of Herefordshire as a conference venue. We’d love to know what you think too!

Herefordshire isn’t the easiest county to get to in a hurry! However, there is reasonably easy access from three airports which are far nicer than Heathrow! So if you have employees or clients coming in from Europe, ask them to check if their flights come in to Birmingham, Cardiff or Bristol.  There are direct trains from Paddington; sometimes though there is a change required at Newport or Worcester. The nearest motorway, the M50, ends at Ledbury – a fast road branching off from the M5. Or you could use a helicopter and then you’d get here real quick.

Not much to do round ‘ere! Not strictly true as there is masses to do particularly if you are into country pursuits – we can arrange hunting, shooting and fishing all on the Brinsop Court estate. If you want to do some team building in and around water, the River Wye winds its way through the county and there are lots of opportunities to use it. Or you could just stay close to home and jump into the hot tub. If the weather is dire outside, indoors we have snooker, ping pong and darts.

Herefordshire is one of the least populated counties in the UK. Forget the kind of traffic you get in London, here in Herefordshire the traffic is very light, sometimes slow if you get behind a farm vehicle, but at least you get to enjoy the scenery. And if you are driving after dark, it can often seem like it’s only you on the road. A wonderful feeling.

Attractions without distractions! We firmly believe that if you are heading to a venue for a strategic meeting, you need a meeting space that suits your needs perfectly so that you can get on with the business in hand. Without distractions your creative brains can take over from your organised brains and you can achieve amazing results. One of the businesses that uses us regularly, recently said

“Brinsop Court has been the location for some momentous decisions for our company – it’s where the initial idea was formed, it’s where a major software change was decided and it’s where we’ve taken our growing team to decide on the direction of the company. Whether sitting around the fire or sitting by the moat on a summer’s day, Brinsop has provided the ideal location to give our employees a break from the London office, a chance to bond and work on our company goals. After five visits, I can’t recommend Brinsop highly enough”.

Broadband whilst not the fastest in the country works efficiently, and Brinsop Court has a network of wifi routers throughout the house. We also have a phone signal for most networks at Brinsop Court. So staying connected is as easy as anywhere else.

Our local branding states that

“Herefordshire is a place where you can watch things grow, where you can kick back and relax in a balanced pace of life. It is about the distinctive character”.

Sounds just what a business needs sometimes!

What do you think? Do get in touch and let us know.

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