One thing Brinsop can never be accused of is boring and bland! Brinsop Court, as many of you know, is a quintessential English country manor house, which until a few years ago has been a family home for several centuries. It is still owned by a local Herefordshire family.

Having opened its doors to holiday makers initially and now to wedding parties and corporate guests we are keen to ensure that our quintessential English roots are not forgotten and this blog post is written with those corporate guests in mind.

Our corporate guests tell us they are looking for somewhere different, somewhere that is out of the ordinary and somewhere that will be a venue that sticks in the memory. Brinsop Court certainly ticks those boxes and we have lots of things at Brinsop Court that continue to underline our quintessential English pedigree.

In the grounds of Brinsop Court, the medieval moat and pools alongside the topiary and croquet lawns conjure up images of gracious living. The roses and lady’s mantle newly planted in the Inner Courtyard with the bees humming around them on a warm summer’s day couldn’t be more English.

The Panelled Library is such a wonderfully English room and the view from the window of pastureland with grazing sheep, not only harks back to Wordsworth’s day, but also looks like a view that Constable or Gainsborough would or could have painted.

Indoors on a cold day, the Agas in the kitchens and the log fires burning in the Oak Parlour and Banqueting Hall are part of the fabric of English country houses. And the Games Room with its snooker table and darts provide quintessentially English pursuits for the leisure bit of the corporate guests’ stay.

But perhaps what defines something to be quintessentially English is the food and drink that is served. Our corporate guests often choose our in house catering and we may suggest afternoon tea on the lawns or in the Oak Parlour with starched linen napkins. And Pimms might be the perfect suggestion for early evening or a tipple from the drinks tray!  We don’t have a butler on our payroll currently but if a corporate guest wants one, we know where to find one!

If you know of a business or organisation looking for somewhere different to hold their next board meeting, please do suggest the quintessential English venue, Brinsop Court to them.

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