I’ve just been on a hotel holiday touring around and staying in a variety of hotels from a remote one up in the hills through to one in a busy seaside resort with a couple of bed and breakfast places along the way. I should state from the outset that none of these places were in the UK, but nevertheless the principles are the same!

More choice of where you eat if you self-cater

The first place we stayed in didn’t have any on-site dining, so we had to go out to out for dinner – there was no choice! If you have booked self catering, you always have a choice of whether to go out for dinner; eat in cooked by yourselves or eat in cooked by someone else!  We have a selection of caterers that will happily work with you to provide a special meal for your event or just come in and cook for you!

The second place we stayed in was so remote that there wasn’t anywhere to go except their dining room.  They did give us the choice of whether to eat in the dining room, or on our balcony or in our bedroom – we had breakfast on the balcony watching the birds and dinner in our room (too many mosquitoes outside).  Of course at Brinsop Court Manor House you can choose whether to eat indoors or outside. We have plenty of outdoor furniture or pack up a picnic and head out into the estate.  And if you want to eat in the bedroom, there is nothing to stop you! Breakfast in bed is always a winner in my book.

Picky eaters are catered for

Because we were abroad and the cuisine in the country we were in was limited, the range of food we ate was very narrow. Staying in hotels on half board you always feel you should eat what is on their menu because it is already paid for! With self catering you can ensure that any picky eaters in your group are satisfied and don’t have to resort to just the bread roll. I remember years ago one of my children spent almost an entire two week holiday on bread rolls!

Luxury Self Catering at Brinsops CourtNo drinking and driving

All the hotels that we stayed in on holiday except for one had no license to serve alcohol. So even if we’d wanted to drink and drive, it would have been difficult.  Self catering and eating in means of course that if all the adults fancy a pre-dinner cocktail, a glass of wine or two with dinner and a liqueur  at the end there are no drink/drive implications! This is also true if you eat in your hotel, but if you stay at the same place for a week or two then it is unlikely you will want to eat there every night!

Space to rest, work and play

Whilst it wasn’t completely true on our recent holiday, most hotel rooms in my experience are fairly small and unless you upgrade to a suite it is unlikely there is much room to do anything other than sleep.  On rainy days, amusing the children in your hotel room could be very challenging and you definitely can’t play twister or musical chairs or any other spontaneous game that may take up lots of space!  It goes without saying that any self catering property will have more than just a bedroom and so if you need to entertain indoors the space that self catering offers will win every time.

We’ve already booked for our next holiday and are going self catering – what about you?

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