As custodians and guardians of this beautiful piece of the Herefordshire countryside Brinsop Court takes its duties very seriously when it comes to nature and wildlife.  We are very lucky to have the services of John Thornley OBE who recently gave us a report on the wildlife he has seen on the farm, and in the woodlands and fields of Brinsop Court Estate.

Roe DeerJohn reported that the estate continues to have a healthy and sustainable population of fallow deer and excitingly roe deer are continuing to establish themselves in each woodland area on both sides of the valley.  There is also evidence of muntjac deer also known as the ‘barking deer’ and John told us that he heard one doing exactly that at Badnage in the late summer of last year.

Brinsop is a magnet for deer in the summer months and we are happy to have them here and the guests love to see them.

Fallow Deer

Ravens are in good numbers and of particular note was a nesting pair of hobbies below Merryhill last summer.  John has also seen a peregrine falcon.  There are good numbers of tree creepers and nuthatch as well as both green and great spotted woodpeckers and John told us that he has also seen the occasional gold crest, the smallest bird in Britain, several times.  The nuthatches are nesting close to the office.

Closer to the manor house we have the swans, ducks and moorhens that make the moat their home and around the gardens there are the usual mixture of common garden birds as well as pheasants in good numbers in the fields and gardens.

Brinsop’s flora and fauna is diverse and exciting and if you are particularly interested in coming to Brinsop for a self catering holiday that includes wildlife watching, let us know that when you book and we will see what we can do to arrange some for you. Bearing in mind of course that wildlife has a mind of its own!

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