We are still very much focused here at Brinsop on finding routes into the corporate market, so a quick blog post on team building opportunities at Brinsop is the subject of today’s musings!

Team building is the catch all term for doing stuff with a team that is away from the office environment.  Team bonding and team fun work really well at bringing teams together too – its all about finding an activity that everyone can get involved in and enjoy after a long day around the board room table.

We’ve got some ideas about what teams can do when they stay at Brinsop – some activities can take place here on the lawns and gardens and some are a little further afield.  If the team fancy a bit of archery or a spot of clay pigeon shooting, then we have local contacts that will bring the equipment here and set up ready for a morning or afternoon of competitive sport.  We also have a local contact, Life Changing Activities, who can bring a team challenge event to Brinsop – some of the challenges are mental, some physical, some creative and the rest just crazy and all can be done on the lawns around the house or on inclement days indoors.

For something a little more home-grown we could offer fishing in the moat (although we limit the number of fish caught to 2 per person and what you catch, you must either throw back or eat!). Talking of eating, with the three big country kitchens we could arrange for a cookery competition to take place.  Both of these ideas might require a little tuition to start and some mentoring and judging at the end, and again we have local contacts who would manage the activity on a cost per head basis.  Also, the tennis court can be utilised for team fun as can the bespoke treasure trail around the estate – 12 miles of walking with a puzzle to solve along the way. And there is the snooker table and dart board too. 

There are three local businesses that offer activities for groups and whilst all three need to happen away from Brinsop Court, they are all within a five to ten minute drive away.  There is golf at Burghill Valley Golf Club; physical adventures at Taste for Adventure in Credenhill or mountain boarding at Court Farm in Tillington.

If the teams are interested in heading into Hereford for a clue based treasure hunt around the city, that can be organised too as we often hear from delegates that they don’t get a chance to look around the city close to where they are staying. This is an ideal activity for people to get a flavour of the historic city of Hereford.

We would be very happy to help you decide what you want to do to entertain and amuse your teams, just give us a call 01432 509925, and we can talk through the options, costs and contact details.

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