What an evening! Our celebration that the harvest was brought in successfully was held in Brinsop’s ancient banqueting hall last night. Brinsop’s harvest supper is an annual event and looked forward to with great anticipation by everyone who is associated with the estate with the invitations are eagerly awaited.

The banqueting hall table was laid and the candles lit to create a wonderful atmosphere for the guests. Julia was down in Bailey’s kitchen directing operations and Florrie and Eliza were willing waitresses to help her.

julia cooking at brinsop courtThe guests arrived to drinks and canapés in the banqueting hall. The squirrel balls were the talk of the room! The canapés were gorgeously indulgent and the main course was local venison, rich with root vegetables and accompanied by bowls of steaming potato mash and green peas.

Around the table was an eclectic mixture of people associated with Brinsop Court Estate, from Miles our new website designer, to John and May who have lived on the estate for many years to Lynn, who works in the office and her Dad who used to live here as a child.

The laughter and fun was infectious and everyone tucked into the food with enthusiasm. Pudding was a choice of apple or plum crumbles with cheese and biscuits for those who had still had a little room left.

On an occasion such as this it is always great to have a speech or two and whilst there was nothing formal Martin welcomed everyone at the start and thanked everyone at the end. Halfway through the evening all the ladies had to move up four places and new conversations were started and new relationships formed.

Outside it was drizzly and wet but inside the fire was roaring and there was no doubt that everyone had a great time with very few leaving much before midnight.

Having a celebration like this in the kind of space that Brinsop can provide will always be a memorable event and if you want to cook it all yourselves, that’s fine or if you want a chef brought in to prepare it ready for you to cook it, then that’s good or if you want to go the whole way and have a chef prepare it and cook it, serve it and clear away afterwards then that’s just perfect! We can help with recommending outside caterers or we can arrange to take delivery of your on-line grocery shopping before you get here – again it’s your choice.

Whatever you are celebrating, our team will help you have a great time!


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