Weddings are big business when it comes to suppliers vying for your time and attention and planning a wedding is not only an enormously emotional process, but an incredibly complex project for people who aren’t used to managing a big event!

Luckily the brides who use Brinsop can keep the complexity down as there is only room for small numbers and the weddings that work best here are intimate family ones with a maximum of around 60 to 70 people.

But still in the run up to the big day there is a lot to do and a lot to keep track of.  We’ve had a look around to see which of our favourite pieces of technology would work well for brides planning to get married at Brinsop Court.  Of course, apps and websites don’t work without 3G or WiFi, but we have  wifi in all our public rooms as well as all the lounges and kitchens around the house, so there won’t be a problem there!

Pinterest is brilliant for collecting ideas for your wedding. We do have a few boards up on Pinterest, and we’d love to find the time to develop them further, so if any of our brides are on Pinterest, do let us know and we can start following each other.

The Wedding Happy App seems to be one of the most popular for managing the whole event. The reviews are very positive “Can’t do without it! – This app is gold & has helped with all my wedding planning and organisation. I had no idea where to start and this app gave me a task list, based on priority and order to do things (based on your wedding date). Couldn’t recommend more”   But tap wedding planning into the app store and a whole host come up, so I guess you just need to choose which one you like the look of!

The guests have been invited and accepted and your final names and numbers are confirmed – it’s time to create the table plans and we came across a perfect app to do so! It was this app that inspired us to write a whole post about wedding apps!  Top Table Planner is £10 with a free trial to have a go at first. It looks exceptionally easy and could be used for all manner of formal dinner table plans.  We recently sized up the banqueting hall for a wedding for 68 people using one top table of 8 and six round tables of 10!

Apps and websites are useful, but nothing beats a real live wedding planner to help you plan your wedding with you, especially if you aren’t really into the technology and here at Brinsop, we are really happy to have staff who can do just that.  Just ask!

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