There are a few references on the internet to the Danseys of Brinsop and so for the records, we’ve pulled some of them together here. Incidentally, there are lots of different spellings of the surname!

dansey family at brinsop courtThe first has a “jumble” of information collected primarily I think by a Mr Albert G Dancy, also known as John together with two more Dancys; Bruce and Roy! The article mentions several Dansey names and describes Brinsop Court as

“Their Mansion in Herefordshire, Brinsop Court was moated round and approached by a drawbridge. Within the quadrangle was a Chapel with a crypt under it, an Armoury , a dungeon and a Blacksmith’s Smithy. The Chapel with the staircase leading to it. Occupied one side of the square. It had a groined roof and the walls painted in the style of Roman Catholic Churches. The rooms occupied by the family had a profusion of oak carvings, a drawing room upstairs was wainscoted with oak and in each panel which was very small, the arms were painted in blue and gold – All this disappeared when the Tithe being incomplete to the purchaser of the Estate, neither party claimed and the house was plundered of all that was valuable. The Towers that flanked the drawbridge, with one in the inner court, through in a perfect state of preservation, were by the bad taste of Mr. Ricardo, the purchaser, taken down to assist in building a wall around the stables.”

Secondly there is a copy of Richard Dansey’s will which is held at the Herefordshire record office. After all the bequeaths, it mentions that

“He wishes to be buried in the parish church of Little Hereford, where Roger Dansey was buried, but if it cannot be done by some other clergyman than the Rev. Chas. Price the present curate of this parish, he wishes his body to be buried at Brinsop in a plain and decent manner.”

dansey gravestone at brinsopLove the request of plain and decent.

Not the same Dansey, but great to see how well preserved this is. It can be found inside Brinsop Church. Also at the Herefordshire record office are a set of letters in the Dansey’s time including one about the possible sale of Brinsop when it was valued at £45,000 in 1815. How prices have risen since then! But it isn’t all old and archived information as we also found a message, posted just this month about a family bible but of course we don’t know this is the same branch of the Dansey family! The message reads

“I found a Dancy family bible from the 50s at a thrift store. The family genealogy section is filled out-but sparsely. It belongs to the Calvin Wayne and Priscilla Joan Dancy who at one time lived in VA. Please contact me for details. I will send it to its rightful owners.”

The Dansey’s owned Brinsop Court Estate for the best part of 500 years and the wing of Brinsop Court that we’ve named Dansey House is round to the left as you approach and after crossing the footbridge over the moat and entering the house you find a spacious, warm, flag-stoned hallway. Immediately the atmosphere hits the senses and you can touch the history, see the luxury and feel the warmth. Booking is easy and can be done online. Oh and if your name is Dansey, do let us know!


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