When thinking about how to share the magic of Brinsop with you dear reader, we are always aiming to appeal to the five senses – touch, smell, taste, sight and sound.

Websites only really appeal to sight of course, although sound can play a part with videos and music but it is fairly limited. We have a wonderful video playing on our wedding website shot by Ben Walton. Do take a look if you haven’t seen it before.

It isn’t until you arrive at Brinsop that you can really get to use two more of the senses – touch and smell. Today, we are working with our regular team of cleaners who are doing a complete and thorough deep clean and everywhere is looking wonderfully sparkly and shiny and of course the smell of polish aids that sense of touch – it smells clean so it feels clean and vice versa. We also have a team of window cleaners on site who are adding to the general sense of cleaning and refreshing everywhere. And last week we had the painters in too.

Outdoors the gardeners are tidying up in the courtyard and Philip is planting several sacks of blue bells in the woods and surrounds. The view of a carpet of bluebells is so uplifting – can’t wait to see them come up in all their glory.  The snowdrops are almost over now and the tree they are beneath is starting to sprout its blossom, which from previous years we know smells stunning.

Soon the grass will need mowing and the smell of newly mown grass conjures up for me lazy days hanging out with friends and family in the summer holidays.

Whilst we remain self-catering at our heart, we can offer a catered service here at Brinsop, particularly for our corporate guests who have bigger things to worry about than what is for dinner and who is cooking it! A full English breakfast smell wafting out of Bailey kitchen and into the Queen Ann dining room will set up any team for a full on day of debates and decisions!

But these are all individual smells, sounds, tastes, etc., that aren’t there all the time. What is there all the time is the almost tangible feeling; that uses all your senses. It is a sense of history, solidness and permanence; it is a sense of anticipation and a feeling of excitement; it is about knowing that here at Brinsop things happen that are out of the ordinary, elevated to the extraordinary and a good time will be had by all.

We love to share Brinsop and let you experience its magic for yourselves. Do give us a call and we would be delighted to show you round whether you are a newly engaged couple, a conference venue finder, or a family looking for a week’s holiday in the heart of rural Herefordshire. Give us a call on 01432 509925 or drop us an email.

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