The fabulous thing about walking is that you can do long walks or short walks or medium length walks! Of course, what is long to one person, might be short to another, but for the purposes of this blog post, a long walk is over 10 miles and a short walk is less than two!

People who like long walks will find Brinsop Court Estate and Herefordshire can offer just that!  Whilst there are many well publicised long distance walks around the world, here in the county we have our very own Mortimer Trail which is easily accessible from Brinsop Court Estate.  We are also close to parts of Offa’s Dyke Path, which is one of the fifteen National Trails we have in the UK.

The Mortimer Trail is 30 miles long and can be done over two or three days.  It starts at Ludlow and finishes in Kington and the half way point is at Aymestrey. Your best bet is to drive to Aymestrey where you can park at the Riverside Inn (for free) and get a taxi to take you to the start point at Ludlow.  At the end of your day’s walk you can pop into the pub for a well deserved pint before heading back to Brinsop.

The next day you can do the same thing again.  Oh and we do have a very good taxi service we use, just ask.

The first half of the walk crosses the River Teme, enters the Mortimer Forest upland forest ridge area, passes Croft Castle, the Iron Age hill fort Croft Ambrey close to Wigmore and the initial seat of Mortimer power (today’s history reference!).  Two more rivers are crossed on the second day, the River Lugg and the River Arrow and the walk passes The Stagg at Titley and finally ends in Kington.  When we did it though we finished at the pub in Titley!

Or if you want to do a long day walk, then how about getting a flavour of the walk along Offa’s Dyke – drive to Kington and up to Hergest where you can easily park and walk just a few hundred yards to get up onto Hergest Ridge. Again the views are stunning and it makes for a really great walk to Gladestry for lunch and back again, a mere 10 or so miles.  Full details of this circular walk can be found on the Kington Tourist Info website.

But you will be delighted to know that we have a long walk here at Brinsop, so you don’t have to drive anywhere!  We have created a 12 mile walk around the estate which is well way marked with bird boxes and other pointers. Just ask Jonathan when you arrive for the map and head out into the great outdoors to enjoy the scenery and landscape on the doorstep!

And if you just fancy a quick stroll outside then again we have some much shorter walks and areas around our 800 acres to explore.  Just ask us when you get here.

To walk is by a thought to go;
To move in spirit to and fro;
To mind the good we see;
To taste the sweet;
Observing all the things we meet
How choice and rich they be.

An extract from “Walking” by local poet, Thomas Traherne.

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