As autumn approaches and thoughts turn to winter, we start to prepare Brinsop for the cold. The oil is bought and the logs are split and sorted. The chimneys are swept and supplies of grit and salt are ordered just in case! We make sure that the windows are all closed securely and any drafts are sealed off. The Agas are turned on and the whole place gets cosier by the day!

Outside the tennis nets are checked for holes and put away for the spring. The chains on the bicycles are oiled and the bikes are cleaned and stored. The outdoor seating is checked and the parasols are cleaned and put away for the winter.

Our prices go down on the 1st October and the heating goes up! If you choose to book with us for a mid-week break the value for money is amazing as there are no extra charges for the logs or the heating.

The wildlife at this time of the year is also preparing for winter. Our resident swan is teaching her offspring to fly and we are waiting for them to go. The moat is filling up with additional ducks. Many of them use Brinsop as a refuge against the risk they run of being shot on other ponds. The herons are out in force too and are more evident in their calls at this time of year (probably because when they stick their toes into the moat it feels cold!).

The deer are more visible right now because the harvest has been taken in and they can be seen in the fields, especially Maxwell where there is just stubble instead of the barley and wheat that was in there this year.

autumn fields at brinsop courtThe squirrels reflect our own preparations for winter and you can hear them chirring in the trees. Like the moorhens they are very territorial. They are busy stripping out the pine cones and eating the beechnuts also known as masts. They are making exploratory runs on the hazelnuts and walnuts too. They eat the hazelnuts before we do because they prefer them while the shells are still soft.

So with autumn fast approaching, we are battening down the hatches and looking forward to long walks around the estate by day and cosy nights in front of the fires at night!

If you fancy a mid week break enjoying the same things as we do, just check out our availability and book yourself a treat in 4* luxury. We look forward to sharing the magic of Brinsop with you.

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