We are a small team, working hard to maintain our cosy comfort and style, efficient service and special extras. To ensure we keep everything as our guests like, we ask for their feedback. This is very valuable to us and we are always very pleased if they take the time to answer a few quick questions.

We know these things can be tedious, but maintaining the high standard is very important so to persuade guests to complete the feedback form we promise to donate £5 to The Woodland Trust for each completed form received.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity and their aims are:

  • To work with others to plant more native trees
  • Protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future
  • Inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees

Here at Brinsop Court Estate our strategy fits perfectly with the Woodland Trust. We aim to “plant and replace” and ensure that we protect the trees we have for the future.

The oaks have been here for hundreds and hundreds of years, but it is only really the last 300 years that has seen our woods managed and thinned where necessary.

woodland at brinsop courtWe have a commercial plantation of pine trees and the usual mix of English hard and softwoods. We have lots of ash trees, which we are a little worried about currently and probably too many sycamores! We have some gorgeous and majestic trees including London planes and a couple of hornbeams. We think our hornbeams are possibly some of the biggest in England.

The London planes are a huge breeding ground for jackdaws which in the spring can be a real menace to the ducklings.

We used to have a very large cedar planted at the corner of the moat just outside Bailey’s kitchen window. We don’t like to lose trees, and our most famous tourist, William Wordsworth had planted it, but sadly it blew down in 1948.

When you come and stay Jonathan will give you a guided tour of the trees if you ask him to. And, in preparation if you have children with you, you can download lots of woodland activities from the nature detectives‘ website.

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