Last month, Brinsop Court was the venue for a surprise 60th birthday party and what a surprise it was to the birthday girl. It got us to thinking about surprise parties and how to make sure they stay as a surprise.

Don’t pick the obvious

Choose a venue that is not the obvious one – if your group of family and friends often celebrate decade birthdays and special occasions, it may be that you have a selection of tried and tested places. If the recipient of the surprise thinks you may be planning something, rather than spoil it by guessing where it is, they may decide to phone the venue and check. If you have chosen somewhere different, you will be able to keep it as surprise.

Do use old fashioned methods to send out invitations

Whilst it may take a lot longer to hand write your invitations, you can be sure that you have not got a digital footstep out there to give your secret away. It’s amazing how news and information spreads like wildfire through twitter and facebook! Think carefully how you want people to RSVP and make sure they know it’s a surprise.

Do use a decoy tactic

If you normally celebrate birthdays with a meal out with friends or a weekend away then tell the birthday girl or boy that you are arranging just that. Let them choose the restaurant or the bed and breakfast or self-catering cottage and tell them you will book it. They are content in the knowledge that something is happening to mark the passing of the years and won’t expect what you have actually booked!

Do delegate

Once the venue is decided and the guest list confirmed, the real work starts. Food, entertainment, decorations and music are all key to a great party and trying to sort out all those details can be very difficult if you and the person you are surprising live together. They will know something is up as you try and have secret phone calls with suppliers. Our recommendation is to delegate to trusted others so they can take responsibility for these different elements working to your brief.  Probably goes without saying, but only enlist people who want to help. If you are twisting peoples’ arms to help out, they’re not going to their job with much enthusiasm.

Do enjoy it

Organising a surprise party can be very stressful and if you are someone who doesn’t handle stress well, then it will difficult to hide that you have something big on your plate that you don’t want to talk about. So, to keep the surprise party a surprise make sure you have fun in the run up to the big event! Relax, it will be alright on the night, especially if the venue is fantastic, the guests are up for it and the catering is second to none!

If you want to organise a surprise party with Brinsop Court as the venue, let us know what you are planning and we will help you keep the secret!

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