The smells and noises at Brinsop are many and varied…….from the beautiful childhood smell of newly-mown grass, to the fragrant blossom in the pear orchard – to the unmistakeable smell of an early dewy and misty morning – which really isn’t a smell at all, is it?

Walking around Brinsop Court moat on such a morning you could almost imagine yourself abroad, maybe even Africa? There’s a multitude of different birds’ calls. However many languages do they speak? The bossy geese honking away at our dear swans, to the point that only 2 stoics remain, both hissing as they glide away to safer territory. The ducks quacking as they chase each other – making us never sure whether they have fully understood the idea of romance, those ducks…hmmm…I think maybe a little more quiet seduction might be in order, gentlemen!

Moving onwards towards the farm buildings, past the smell of oak wood awaiting to be logged for our open fires, sometimes we detect the smell of a rat in the grain store. Not nice – when does the pest control man come? Today? That’s great! Moving quickly on, we walk past the lambing shed, with those cutest of newly born lambs cuddling against their mothers with their distinct aroma, and onwards to stroke the daughter’s pony and smooth his lovely roan-coloured coat and smell that horsey smell. The smell of fuel and motor oil are next from the mechanic’s shed – a 21st century reminder, but then the rain starts……….and after the April showers, you can actually smell the rich, beautiful, red clay soil of Brinsop and Herefordshire with its’ wealth of nutrients waiting to sustain the next crop to be planted.

The blessing of our senses in one short walk.

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