A few weekends ago, Harriet (Pat and Martin’s eldest daughter) arrived back from the Hay on Wye pony sales with two gorgeous little ponies.  After lots of debate about their names, we have settled down with Wattle and Daub.

pony walking at brinsop courtThey are both delightful and happy in their new home and are getting used to daily walks with Harriet. Why Wattle and Daub – because they are the right colours! Wattle and daub is actually a composite building material used for making walls and many historic buildings include wattle and daub construction!

The names seemed to suit them and fit in with our historic house. Guests are welcome to enjoy a walk with Wattle and Daub and can take a stroll up to the top of Merry Hill where farmer John’s sheep are currently residing. Wattle and Daub are a delight to be with as they walk nice and calmly up the path, with the occasional stop for grass!

building the pony enclosure at brinsop court herefordshireThe views on the walk are of course gorgeous.

If you are staying at Brinsop, just find Jonathan and he will help guests to pet and groom the two of them and if they are happy to will be able to take them out for a walk too before returning them to their newly created paddock!

There are loads more photos on our facebook page, so please head over there to see them! http://www.facebook.com/BrinsopCourtEstate

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