Years ago no-one celebrated any significant birthdays except their 21st and their 100th to receive the much coveted telegram from the Queen. 50 or so years ago 18th birthdays began to be celebrated as well as retirement at 60 or 65. Today, though it has become much more fashionable to celebrate all the decades from your 30th and each year through to your 90th and of course your centenary!

party at brinsop courtThe top five ways we’ve found people want to celebrate these decade milestones are:

Coming in at number 5 – lunch, tea or evening meal for friends and family is probably one of the easiest ways to celebrate a significant birthday as once the venue is chosen and the invitations sent out there isn’t too much else to organise. You just have to think about what to wear! On the other hand, it can be an elaborate affair like a friend’s mother who celebrated her 90th with a marquee in the garden, caterers to supply afternoon tea and a small jazz band to entertain the guests!

At number 4, rather than just eating and drinking, we have found that lots of birthdays are celebrated by doing an activity with friends and family, especially ones that work best with lots of people. For a low cost option, there is little better than a competitive afternoon exploring a pretty city, market town or area with a Treasure Trail!

In at number 3, an old-fashioned knees-up type party, held either at home or in a local venue providing entertainment and dancing as well as food and drink are usually the thing!

Making it to number 2, if the birthday ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ has lots of friends with kids, then a weekend away is a popular option. There are lots of options to rent a self-catering country house or converted barn in a part of the UK or abroad which can accommodate 20 to 30 people and couples with children who all get on may choose this as an ideal way to celebrate together. If the birthday falls in the summer months, then camping or glamping might be the way to go!

Happily for us, the number one choice is exclusive use of an entire country estate for a week’s long holiday! Just picture the scene – you have 800 acres to play in and party and no neighbours to worry about!

Just go for it – book now!

Tell us what you plan to do to celebrate your next decade birthday

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