Where is Brinsop Court?

My name is Mike Lowe and I am the newly appointed manager of Brinsop Court Estate. I have worked in and around Herefordshire for over 18 years, having moved down from Manchester in the late 90s. I have Co-ordinated and run over 250 weddings and have also managed at some of the county’s most exclusive venues.

On being offered the prestigious role of General Manager, at one of the country’s most breathtakingly beautiful wedding venues and self-catering accommodation, it was only natural to want to let the world (mainly Hereford) know. I was asked and I told a large number of family, friends, colleagues and clients the exciting news regarding my new role at Brinsop Court Estate. I was not expecting the common response of ‘Where is Brinsop Court’?



Now, being the male of the species I completely understand that we men do not research wedding venues unless forced into it by their better halves. However I did expect the local population of Hereford and the surrounding areas to at least of heard of Brinsop. The weddings are being booked at a vast rate of knots, but by couples predominantly from outside the area who are looking for that unique countryside venue. This is great and it is wonderful that so many people from outside the area can experience the majestic surroundings of Brinsop and the Herefordshire countryside.

However I do feel more determined than ever to let the Herefordshire population know that we are here and can host, not only unforgettable weddings, but family gatherings, business meetings, birthday celebrations, shooting parties……. The list never ends due to the flexible nature of Brinsop Court.

It will be a challenge, but I feel the moment you stop accepting challenges is the moment you stop moving forward. Brinsop Court has a very bright future and I am looking forward to being a part of it.

To be continued……

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