Wood Cottage Brinsop Court

Recently renovated Wood Cottage is the newest addition to the Brinsop Court family.  This sweet, one bedroomed, beautifully furnished holiday home is the perfect secret spot for a dreamy night or two away together.

Brinsop Court Estate owner, Pat Churchward, talks here about why this particular cottage stole her heart.

What first attracted you to Wood Cottage?

Where do I start?! It is a beautiful 17th Century cottage which we thought would make the perfect place for a romantic getaway, just like Ivy Cottage.  The garden joins our Estate as well – making it a great fit!  It’s wonderful that we have, if required, another cottage available for guests at our wedding location, though anyone can book a break here of course – you don’t have to be part of a wedding!

Wood Cottage Brinsop Court

What were the challenges that you faced when you began renovating?

Everything! To start with, there was a huge, decaying mobile home in the garden.  There was also a lack of drainage and loads of overgrown foliage all around it.  However, after some hard work and dedication from everyone involved, the cottage has been turned into exactly what I envisaged in my mind.

What was your inspiration for the interior design?

Lots of people ask me this and the truth is….. I don’t really know! I take the same approach with all the rooms that I have decorated over the years at Brinsop Court and at Ivy Cottage. First, I find something I love then I start working around it.  In Wood Cottage, it was the bathroom flooring!  I definitely always go for a strong look – not too much fuss!

Where do you source your furniture and gorgeous fittings?

We attend auctions to get our furniture, however the bed and bathroom fittings are brand new. A few odd, quirky touches from auctions are fine but I realise you do have to be careful not to go absolutely bonkers and make it all about yourself!

What is your favourite feature of Wood Cottage?

I love the ceiling in the sitting room and I also adore the bathroom sink stands as well.  They were all old pieces of oak that I found, and my brilliant son-in-law made them look amazing!

So, there you have it – what a fascinating insight into a fabulous place to stay!  Oh and did we mention it also has a private hot tub?!

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