Will, who is our tree surgeon and forester, popped in for a cuppa recently and I took the opportunity for chat with him.

He told me that following the gales and strong winds we had earlier in the month there are several old oak trees that have suffered and are down.

There was also the big poplar tree that came down across the tennis court on the other side of the moat as well as six of the fir trees in Pig Wood. A silver birch also came down across the fence which needing dealing with fast because the sheep were escaping through the gap!

Will explained that most of the trees had completely fallen over rather than snapped in the wind and this was due mainly to their soggy roots and ‘wet feet’ – not surprising when you consider the amount of rainfall we’ve had in the last few weeks.

He also told me that when he takes the tops off the fallen trees gravity will often pop the tree back into the hole it toppled out of and he has promised that next time he cuts the top off a fallen tree he will give me a shout to watch it put itself back again. 

As well as management of the existing trees Will has a rolling planting programme in place after consultation with the game keeper, farmer, and other estate workers and the management team at Brinsop Court.

So,whether you’re in the mood for an adventure or a peaceful stroll, there are lots of things to do in the woods at Brinsop. When you arrive for your holiday, just ask us which areas of the woodlands are best for the different activities.

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