Corporate Well Being

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreats

Yoga & Mindfulness Retreats

Whether you are looking to reward your team’s performance and effort, or you are investing in the support of corporate wellness, bring your team to Brinsop to empower your staff to live a better life.

Pressure and stress in today’s workplace can be disruptive to mental and physical health.  Come to Brinsop to experience the positivity of the great outdoors and embrace nature which surrounds us here.

Engage in our yoga and mindfulness retreats and show your company’s real care and concern for worker welfare.

Practising yoga and mindfulness therapies as a group activity increases the bond between employees and improves communication.  It aids creative thinking and helps gain new perspective.  The inevitable release of endorphins reduces work-related stress and pressure.

Reward your staff and make them feel more valued and motivated.  Take a more productive team away from Brinsop.

Come to us and find peace of mind together and transfer this positive feeling of wellness back to your workplace.