A guide to floral arrangements + Q+A with our of our suggested Florists!

Bridal Bouquets:

Choosing your style, colour scheme and type of bouquet can often feel overwhelming with the unlimited amount of choice and options. We suggest starting with budget and finding a florist who matches with your price range. A really helpful way of finding florists that could potentially offer what you are after is by looking on our suggested suppliers list and also looking on their social media platforms for inspiration. Alternatively, a popular trend that was seen in 2022 was home-grown bouquets. Using Wild flowers and garden blooms such as Wax flowers and Queen Anne’s lace, can help to reduce costs.

A simple way of deciding upon a colour scheme is to combine the colours of your table decorations, Bridesmaids dresses or the season when you are due to get married.

Floral Centrepieces:

Floral centrepieces are definitely optional and can add a floral element to the Ceremony Location, Wedding Breakfast tables or on the signing table. Most couples also opt to reuse their floral centrepieces throughout the day. For example the image on the left was a floral arrangement that was used within the Ceremony on the signing table and then moved to the Top Table for the meal.

There are so many different types of floral arrangement, including arches and small aisle meadows. Lot’s of our suggested florists can create multi-functional designs that can be reused and reshaped into different arrangements.


Here at Brinsop we have two large floral arrangements at the front of both main entrances that are changed weekly and are created to fit in with the current season. These are a perfect to add a little element of floristry without having to spend the extra amounts. We also have incredible grounds that are tendered all year round, so if you are thinking of using any of our outdoor spaces, you are almost guaranteed to have some of the incredible blooms in your photos!

SASS Flowers
Herefordshire Flower Studios
Issy + Bella

Outside the Knot are urn plant pots that have seasonal flowers in all year round, however if there is a specific floral arrangement you have arranged with your florist, you are more than welcome to use them. See example to the left of the urns being used for an arrival display.

Although Brinsop is described as a ‘canvas’ that doesn’t necessarily need much decoration, flowers are the perfect way to tie all the colour schemes together and add a personal touch to your day. Lot’s of our couples take their flowers home with them and get the bouquet pressed to create a sentimental memoir of their big day. Another suggestion of what to do with your flowers, once the big day is over, is to take them to place on loved-ones graves. A good tip to make your Bouquets and floral arrangements to last longer is to include foliage, as this stays fresher for longer. Some couples have also opted for faux flowers which reduces wastage and can look just as effective as real ones! An incredible supplier who provides faux flower displays is styletopiauk.


What do you suggest for couples on a budget who still want flowers?

Lou from May Rose Floral always suggests reusing and repurposing designs as much as possible and move from Ceremony to the Reception. For example a small aisle meadow for the Ceremony then used as table centrepieces. These can also be gifted at the end of the evening! It’s always good to talk through your budget with your florist.

What do you think the most important element to a good bouquet is?

Lou thinks keeping your bouquet natural and gathered in style. It’s timeless. Taking a style and incorporate texture, scent and movement for a gorgeous Bouquet.

What is your favourite style of floral arrangement?

I love a natural and rustic style, with an abundance of different flower and foliage varieties incorporated. The Bride’s Bouquet is my absolute favourite thing to create for a Wedding.

How do you keep your flowers looking fresh?

This can sometimes be a challenge- especially on those hot summer days! We work on ensuring that on the day all designs have a water source and avoid putting flowers out too early. All Bouquets are delivered in water and we recommend to have vases placed out ready to pop your flowers in. This also helps to preserve your flowers after the big day.

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